The Division Review

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After a couple delays and a few years since it’s announcement, The Division is finally here. I was never necessarily looking forward to this game, but boy am I glad I picked up Ubisoft’s new game up. It’s a third person open world shooter with fairly deep role playing elements, along with seeds of an MMO. There’s a lot to take in here and while I’m not going to be going every intricate detail in this review, I do want to talk about what makes this game work and things that hold it back.

The biggest take away you should get from this review is that the game is fun. Videos online don’t do it justice, you have to at least try this game out if you’re on the fence. Actually playing the game was a completely different experience than watching a video. Get it on Gamefly, Redbox, a friend, or just buy it; it’s worth the price of admission. The mission and side mission structure have enough variety to keep stringing you along, that mixed with compelling semi-stat based cover based shooting calls

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Until Dawn (PS4) Review

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So in the last week or so I have had the opportunity to sit down and play Sony’s exclusive PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn. A game that follows some teenagers as they make their way to a cabin on a mountain for a fun and action packed weekend with their friends. Though this mountain is not what it seems and when you arrive, you are thrust into a journey of epic and terrifying proportions. Make your way through this terrifying experience while you are constantly on the edge of your seat seeing whether or not everyone will die or who will be left standing. In a sense, this game is very similar to the cabin in the woods horror movies that will come out in the movie theater every once in a while, but where this game differs is an excellent story with great character development. Let us now look at what some of the positives and negatives of the game are.


There are many things to love about this game. One thing in particular I enjoyed was the good

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

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Back in 2009 I picked up a PlayStation 3 for the sole purpose of being able to play the stellar exclusives Sony had been releasing on the console. I specifically had my eyes on the two Uncharted games that had been released already. I was so amazed at how these games presented themselves and they easily became two of my favorite games ever after I beat them a couple weeks later. Naughty Dog then released the equalling impressive Uncharted 3 in 2011, then followed by the spectacular The Last of Us two years later. It’s safe to say I am a huge fan of the games Naughty Dog makes. They know how to create a satisfying story that rivals film and blend them with entertaining gameplay mechanics and unrivaled presentation. Nearly three years after being revealed, Uncharted 4 has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4 and boy was it worth the wait.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a fantastic conclusion to the series and a must play game for anyone with the PlayStation 4. Whether you’re a fan of the

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King of Thieves Review, Eat Pray Steal

Posted on September 1, 2016 By

Eat Pray Steal!

Put a 2D platformer game in the pot, then put a pinch of “Mighty Quest For Epic Loot” and lots of greed in it but try to be careful about spices; just don’t add too much spice. Don’t forget adding cartoonish cute graphics. Now mix them all together at medium heat until they merge completely… And well done, you get King of Thieves! But there is a problem about spices, it seems Zeptolab couldn’t be that careful about spices. There is something everybody hates in the game; pick lock system!

If you like to play platformer games and challenge other players you can spare some of your time for King of Thieves. Just give it a chance. There is also the well-known “tower defense” element in the game. Are you still not convinced?

I remember falling in love with this element when I played MQFEL (Mighty Quest For Epic Loot) for the first time. Attacking other players’ dungeons and outwitting them in time, protecting my own dungeon, upgrading it to a harder dungeon to keep adventurers away… I can’t forget those hilarious laughing moments while watching invaders fail! I don’t know if it started with MQFEL, but it

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LEGO Jurassic World Review for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U

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Traveller’s Tales does it again with LEGO® Jurassic World as the newest addition to the popular LEGO® game Franchise. Want to play as a ferocious velociraptor or a T-Rex? How about charging and trampling everything in your way a triceratops living tank? If you have ever wanted to hunt play as or hunt dinosaurs, or even search a huge pile of dinosaur dung for an important item, this game may be perfect for you.

This title remains true to the Jurassic movie franchise as does the other LEGO® games released. LEGO® Jurassic World manages to include quirky LEGO® brand humor into the game and does a nice job of making the game friendly to younger players. It is even somewhat educational as the ever cute Mr. DNA appears during load times to enlighten us with real life dinosaur facts.

LEGO® Jurassic World incorporates the first three Jurassic movies along with the newest Jurassic World movie into this title. Everyone loves to relive the T-Rex shaking the ground as the huge beasts draws terrifyingly closer. The rumble feature on the remote works perfectly in this scene. What is different about this title is you can choose which movie you want to play

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Batman Arkham Knight

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I’m pleased to have finally finished Batman: Arkham Knight. It was the most punishing game of the entire franchise, but without a doubt the most satisfying. With the introduction of new gadgets, characters and the Batmobile, Rocksteady studios’ Arkham Knight delivers the best console gaming experience in 2015.

When you step back into the boots of Batman, you’ll find the city of Gotham in relative peace. Of course in Gotham, nothing stays calm forever. Breaking the peace this time is the deviously sinister Scarecrow (brilliantly voiced by John Noble), who unleashes a plan to rule Gotham with his signature brew of fear gas.

To further his own ends, Scarecrow frees several of Gotham’s other notorious villains such as the Riddler, Two-Face, the Penguin and Poison Ivy to wreck utter chaos in Batman’s backyard. Each of the villains has their own unique storylines that Batman can fight through in order to stop their maniacal plans. All of which can be played during, or after, you finish the main storyline.

The most notable and mysterious villain is the newly introduced Arkham Knight. He becomes Scarecrow’s number one partner in their attempt to crush the Dark Knight. Throughout the lengthy campaign, you’ll slowly unravel

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Bioshock Infinite (2K Games) Review for PlayStation 3

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Bioshock Infinite is a pioneer. It will change the world of FPS and gaming itself forever. It is not afraid to open up controversial issues, just as the first Bioshock did. It asks you to either blend in with the crowd or stand up for racial equality. Although the choices you make in this vicinity don’t affect the experience at all, it makes you search within yourself and ask what’s more important to you: equality for others or you fitting in.

Columbia is a beautiful and grand world, a city in the sky. While most call it Paradise, there are some who call it a dystopia with only the potential of being a utopia. Infinite is much more vertical than the original, as you can use a hook to use skylines and replicate flying. In terms of gameplay, Bioshock Infinite improved the already great combat of the original Bioshock. Giving gamers a break from the creepy underwater but amazing atmosphere of the first two games, Infinite takes Booker DeWitt, the protagonist, to a city in the sky with one motive: “Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” For the purpose of keeping the review spoiler free, I

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How to Build the Perfect Team for Brave Frontier

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The first thing you need to understand is there is no perfect team, since the game has many different units; it requires a different set of units. Each team can only have 5 units, so making a team requires some planning and changing. The teams should be designed to take down a specific quest. There are 6 core quests and 1 final quest; the 6 core quests are always in the same order. Each of the quests breaks down into 5 mini quests, sometimes there is a 6th mini quest but it is a boss fight.

First quest will always be fire, meaning 95% of the units you face will be fire units. I say 95% because there is a chance the quest will have a mimic or two, a dark unit. The second quest will be water, again 95% chance of all water units. The third quest is earth, 95% chance of all earth units. The fourth quest is thunder, 95% of units will be thunder. These first four quests are known as the elements quests, because each has 95% of the same unit. The next two quests are light and dark. Light quests are 90% light units; mimics

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Splatoon for Wii U – A Parent’s Review

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Splatoon is a new video game released for the Wii U. This game consists of a multiplayer and a single player option. In the multiplayer, teams of four compete to paint the game area with different colors of ink. The goal is to cover as much area as you can before time runs out. If you have more area covered than your opponent, your team wins. You can play with friends or the game will match you up with people. In the single player you battle your way through levels, battling bosses to earn a rare type of catfish called the zap fish. Ultimately, you need to save the great zapfish who powers the entire city of inkopolis.

Although this game is a “shooting game” it is relatively benign. The game is rated E for everyone and this holds true in the game action. There is really nothing in this game that would cause concern for parents. My nine-year old picked it up very easily, learned the back story and got into the game very quickly. There are different shops to buy different guns and accessories which helps to keep the game fresh and engaging. The single player is challenging