The Division Review

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After a couple delays and a few years since it’s announcement, The Division is finally here. I was never necessarily looking forward to this game, but boy am I glad I picked up Ubisoft’s new game up. It’s a third person open world shooter with fairly deep role playing elements, along with seeds of an MMO. There’s a lot to take in here and while I’m not going to be going every intricate detail in this review, I do want to talk about what makes this game work and things that hold it back.

The biggest take away you should get from this review is that the game is fun. Videos online don’t do it justice, you have to at least try this game out if you’re on the fence. Actually playing the game was a completely different experience than watching a video. Get it on Gamefly, Redbox, a friend, or just buy it; it’s worth the price of admission. The mission and side mission structure have enough variety to keep stringing you along, that mixed with compelling semi-stat based cover based shooting calls

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Until Dawn (PS4) Review

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So in the last week or so I have had the opportunity to sit down and play Sony’s exclusive PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn. A game that follows some teenagers as they make their way to a cabin on a mountain for a fun and action packed weekend with their friends. Though this mountain is not what it seems and when you arrive, you are thrust into a journey of epic and terrifying proportions. Make your way through this terrifying experience while you are constantly on the edge of your seat seeing whether or not everyone will die or who will be left standing. In a sense, this game is very similar to the cabin in the woods horror movies that will come out in the movie theater every once in a while, but where this game differs is an excellent story with great character development. Let us now look at what some of the positives and negatives of the game are.


There are many things to love about this game. One thing in particular I enjoyed was the good

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

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Back in 2009 I picked up a PlayStation 3 for the sole purpose of being able to play the stellar exclusives Sony had been releasing on the console. I specifically had my eyes on the two Uncharted games that had been released already. I was so amazed at how these games presented themselves and they easily became two of my favorite games ever after I beat them a couple weeks later. Naughty Dog then released the equalling impressive Uncharted 3 in 2011, then followed by the spectacular The Last of Us two years later. It’s safe to say I am a huge fan of the games Naughty Dog makes. They know how to create a satisfying story that rivals film and blend them with entertaining gameplay mechanics and unrivaled presentation. Nearly three years after being revealed, Uncharted 4 has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4 and boy was it worth the wait.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a fantastic conclusion to the series and a must play game for anyone with the PlayStation 4. Whether you’re a fan of the

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Methods To Lessen Tension Along The Route To The Workplace Each Morning

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The vast majority of people that work beyond their house drive to their job each day. For many people, the trip is filled with pressure plus they will not be particularly confident how to relax while driving. They could be troubled by some other individuals who are distracted by his or her mobile devices or those that put on makeup while driving. When there is an accident that slows down the commute and makes a individual later for their job, that can definitely indicate a bad beginning of the work day. Interestingly, despite all the pressure commuting to work brings about, not many people utilize public transit to access and away from employment every day. Those who never would like to await a bus or commuter train continue to have alternatives that will help them prevent stress every day and a couple of them can be obtained at One of the best alternatives is usually to carpool. Traveling to work with more than one individuals might be much more calming. As an alternative to solely being focused on the traffic backup, the people in a vehicle could focus on their projects over the weekend, their children and

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Bioshock Infinite (2K Games) Review for PlayStation 3

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Bioshock Infinite is a pioneer. It will change the world of FPS and gaming itself forever. It is not afraid to open up controversial issues, just as the first Bioshock did. It asks you to either blend in with the crowd or stand up for racial equality. Although the choices you make in this vicinity don’t affect the experience at all, it makes you search within yourself and ask what’s more important to you: equality for others or you fitting in.

Columbia is a beautiful and grand world, a city in the sky. While most call it Paradise, there are some who call it a dystopia with only the potential of being a utopia. Infinite is much more vertical than the original, as you can use a hook to use skylines and replicate flying. In terms of gameplay, Bioshock Infinite improved the already great combat of the original Bioshock. Giving gamers a break from the creepy underwater but amazing atmosphere of the first two games, Infinite takes Booker DeWitt, the protagonist, to a city in the sky with one motive: “Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” For the purpose of keeping the review spoiler free, I

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How to Build the Perfect Team for Brave Frontier

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The first thing you need to understand is there is no perfect team, since the game has many different units; it requires a different set of units. Each team can only have 5 units, so making a team requires some planning and changing. The teams should be designed to take down a specific quest. There are 6 core quests and 1 final quest; the 6 core quests are always in the same order. Each of the quests breaks down into 5 mini quests, sometimes there is a 6th mini quest but it is a boss fight.

First quest will always be fire, meaning 95% of the units you face will be fire units. I say 95% because there is a chance the quest will have a mimic or two, a dark unit. The second quest will be water, again 95% chance of all water units. The third quest is earth, 95% chance of all earth units. The fourth quest is thunder, 95% of units will be thunder. These first four quests are known as the elements quests, because each has 95% of the same unit. The next two quests are light and dark. Light quests are 90% light units; mimics

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Tips For Men Who Would Like To Make An Impression

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The impact a person makes in the planet starts a long time before he departs his home every morning. If he baths and wears fragrance, what he chooses to wear on his whole body and feet and just how he wears his hair are all likely to be seen all by others therefore it is essential for men to deal with them every day. Some males believe watching the way that they look and feel causes them to be narcissistic or even womanly. Nonetheless, males and females as well are going to determine a guy when it comes to his appearance so irrespective of their mindset towards it, this warrants some thinking. Yet another element of a gentleman’s visual appeal is the manner he moves. A male strolling will not obtain the maximum amount of consideration as one operating an e-glide skateboard down the road. It is just yet another thing to think of for gentlemen that want to become successful in their occupation as well as their intimate interests. Simply because this isn’t natural for a lot of gentlemen, internet sites including Http:// ensure it is easy to learn the ideal way to amaze other individuals and exhibit

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What Do You Know About Businesses

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Various Tips on Natural Ventilation

Now a day, the use of air conditioning unit or other kinds of mechanical devices are being used due to the fact that we need ventilation in our home and natural ventilation can be done by letting the outdoor air come inside our homes. Another term for natural ventilation is passive cooling that is mostly used in large buildings wherein they would not install air conditioning unit instead they would install large windows to let in the natural light and natural air into the building.

Homes and buildings now a day can have a natural ventilation due to the tips or techniques that can be read and researched over the internet and with this, homes and offices can have natural ventilation aside from using mechanical devices such as air conditioning units. To have a natural ventilation at home, you should cover your grounds with grass or with other materials that absorb heat less so that there will be a cool air that you will experience in your home or in your offices.

Sometimes designing your home with water elements in the landscape area is a good thing when you add

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The Path To Finding Better Services

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What You Should Know Before Posting on YouTube In today’s world, creative expression is incredibly important. When it comes down to it, being creative is incredibly fulfilling. As you may imagine, though, being truly creative can be difficult. Before you do anything else, you’ll want to choose a medium. You have any number of choices to consider here. Writing prose can be very rewarding, but composing music is also enjoyable. If you’re looking to reach a good number of people, the best approach may be to create videos. If your videos are good enough, they could be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Remember that you need real skill to create a compelling YouTube video. It’s important to have a good script, but you should also think about your video editing skills. Ultimately, though, the music should be the first thing that you think of. A strong score can improve your video in a way that nothing else can. If you have royalty free music in your YouTube videos, you will see your traffic numbers increase. There are a few things you’ll want to consider when you’re looking at music for your YouTube videos. Get started

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